EPL Librarian "Crushes" NPR Sunday Puzzle

Evanston Public Library Librarian Barbara Levie took on the NPR Sunday Puzzle last Sunday and emerged victorious.

Barbara works in Reference at the Main and at the North Branch.

Barbara asked Puzzlemaster Will Shortz since he majored in puzzles in college to name some classes he took.  Will answered "I created my own major - Enigmatology - the study of puzzles" ... great crossword answer.

Read about Barbara and hear the broadcast at the EPL website.

CSNA at the APA Press Conference

Since 2007 CSNA members have been working to make the Central Street Neighborhood a better place to live.  In the process they have participated in a number of efforts and causes ... giving their spare ... and often not-really-spare ...  time ... analyzing issues, preparing position statements, speaking at City meetings, organizing voter education events, publishing newsletters and web sites.  They mainly work behind the scenes.  At the APA award press conference Friday, October 4, 2013 there was a brief opportunity for CSNA to celebrate ... and to also reaffirm that they still have a lot of work to do.  As former Evanston City Planner and neighbor Dennis Marino stated ... 20 more years.

Before the event it started to rain.  But that didn't bother Deb Weixl.  It was an exciting day!

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Central Street "A Great Neighborhood" - APA

The American Planning Association announced Friday Oct. 4 that the Central Street Neighborhood has been selected as on of the 10 Great Neighborhoods in the US in 2013.  Each year the APA selects 10 Great Neighborhoods, Streets and Public Spaces as part of "Great Places in America".  A press conference was held that afternoon in Independence Park to announce the award. Check out the City of Evanston video of the event here below:

Homecoming and events this weekend - October 4-5

See below From the City of Evanston's enewsletter....

Residents of the Central Street neighborhood should plan ahead and be prepared for traffic, congestion and lots of fans on Central Street this weekend when Northwestern hosts Ohio State at Ryan Field, kickoff at 7 p.m.! Learn more at the City website.

Central Street Neighbors to Join with City to Recognize Central Street on Friday, Oct. 4

From the City of Evanston e-newsletter, Oct. 3.

CSNA invites all our neighbors to join us for this very special and exciting announcement!!  The main event will be followed by a gathering/reception in the library - come and join us, rain or shine!


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