Make your voice heard

Join your neighbors to oppose the plan to sell parkland at the lakefront and the historic Harley Clarke Mansion – City Council Meeting July 22, 7:30 p.m.


CSNA Board adopts position on the Park and Harley Clarke Mansion

The Board of Directors unanimously adopted the following reolution on July 10, 2013 relative to the Harley Clarke Mansion:

The Board of Directors of Central Street Neighbors Association opposes the sale of the Harley Clarke Mansion and public park land and further resolves and declares that:


Recycle Your Stuff This Saturday

The City of Evanston offers its annual "recycling fair" 9 a.m. to noon this Saturday, July 13 at Evanston High School, 1600 Dodge Ave., at which residents of all SWANCC communities can recycle hard-to-dispose-of items such as computers, electronics, batteries and CFL  lightbulbs; securely shred documents, and order compost bins for later delivery.

Don't Sell Harley Mansion or Lake Front Property

 No Sale of Public Parks and Lake Front Property- Selling the Harley Clarke Mansion and approx 40,000-100,000 sq ft of Lake Front land would be detrimental to Evanston.  Lakefront property is a finite, irreplaceable natural asset that, once gone, cannot be reclaimed.  Evanston must maintain ownership and control of land and properties it owns, especially on and near the lakefront. These are public treasures, once lost, and are gone forever. We should guard and treasure what little lakefront the community owns. The Harley-Clarke Mansion site is no exception.



Former Citgo Station Now Tankless

In case you are wondering what the pile of concrete rubble might be at the former Citgo station at the corner of Gross Point and Crawford, it is related to the removal of three gasoline tanks at the site on April 24-25, 2013.


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