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Discussing pennies and nickels, glossing over dollars

Last night (2/3/09), the City Council spent at least a half hour discussing the budget for training for city employees. The HR person described how the training budget was cut in half from over $100K to about $60K (keeping 10 different programs at about $6K each.) Earlier in January, the Council spent time discussing a $7,000 expenditure on office furniture.

Mosquitoes and Evanston

Three years ago, I asked Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin for ideas on how I might contribute to public service. He suggested a trusteeship on the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District (NSMAD) board. “Mosquitoes?”, I replied, “What do I know about mosquitoes?” Experience as an entomologist was not required. Instead, I was asked to serve because of my financial background and my recent experience as President of the Democratic Party of Evanston.

Econ 101 - Water and Sewer Rates

At the Evanston City Council Budget Workshop on November 17, City staff presented a study on water and sewer cost of service rates and fees. A deficit is projected, primarily because water usage has declined by over 16% since 1998, resulting in less revenue. Given the large increase in rates to pay for the improved storm sewer system, is it any wonder that Evanston residents have cut back their usage?

Evanston Development Vision

With as many as four new “parks” in Evanston - Central Street, Main & Chicago Avenue, Kendall College,and a piece of the Research Park- the economy has done what the Evanston City Council failed to do, prevent an overbuilding of condo buildings.

My Biography

1955 - born to John and Regina Zbesko in Newark, NJ.
Father emigrated to the US in 1948 from Czechoslovakia. Mother
emigrated from Poland in 1946.

1973 - Salutatorian, Chatham (NJ) High School

1978 - B.S. Business Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, member of Theta Delta Chi fraternity

1983 - M.A. Economics, University of Chicago

1985 - married Pamela Duhl, LCSW

1986 - moved to 1120 Noyes Street, Evanston, IL

1987 - Emily Zbesko born

1990 - Jacob Zbesko born

1993 - 2004 AYSO soccer coach and board member


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