Evanston 6th & 7th Ward Aldermanic Races Heat Up

The Evanston 2009 municipal races were all somewhat quiet and late to start. Understandable in view of the extraordinary attention on, first, the 2008 presidential election, and then the bizarre chain of events surrounding the governor and Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat. There's only so much "political oxygen," as the insiders say, and the top of the food chain was using up most of it.
Nevertheless, there will be an election on April 7, and we will have a new mayor, plus new aldermen in the 6th and 7th wards which comprise most of the Central Street Neighborhood. These two wards, typically the highest-voting in the city, each have three candidates running.
The Central Street Neighbors Association is hosting a forum on Tuesday, 7 pm, in the auditorium at Haven Middle School, 2417 Prairie, for these two races. After brief opening statements, candidates will have opportunity to field a number of questions extemporaneously on topics submitted by the CSNA Board and members. At the end of the meeting, CSNA members who joined prior to the last Board meeting (Feb. 17) or who bring their lapsed membership current will be asked for input on the candidates.
The candidates all have CSNA questionnaires on topics ranging from City spending to downtown development, and their answers will be distributed at the meeting. We're hoping the discussion will probe a little deeper into areas that might distinguish one from another.
All candidates for mayor and for local alderman, as well as for township assessor, have been given opportunity to blog on this website, and a number have taken opportunity to do so; click on the names of those who've contributed, in the left column, and you'll get a list of their posts.
In the weeks to come we can expect to receive candidate flyers, mailings, and e-mails, and see the yard signs sprout -- as sure a sign of spring as the first crocus. However, our membership survey indicated that candidates' positions, and hearing candidates in person, are the single two most important influences on voting. Tuesday's forum is a singular opportunity to hear all far north side candidates in one setting. We thank the candidates for coming and hope that neighbors will take advantage of their accommodation.