Time for all good people to come to the aid of their city!

Dear Evanstonians,

It is time for all good Evanstonians to become involved in keeping our city small scale, charming and progressive, which I believe are the qualities that brought most of us here in the first place.  Elections are what make democracies somewhat responsive to citizens.  In the recent fight over the skyscraper and the downtown plan we have seen our elected officials ignore our opinions and do as they please.  And currently, the alderman of the 6th ward is doing what he can before he leaves the council to get the skyscraper project approved. Well, luckily, we have an election coming up that will give us the opportunity to, as they say in politics, "throw the rascals out"! 

We can either keep fighting the council over and over, year after year, or we can take a united, strategic stand now to elect a new city council that will not only listen to residents but that will also stop pushing Evanston's downtown higher and higher, in a vain attempt to get out of our economic doldrums (something for which the current council is responsible).  Words are cheap in political campaigns so we need to ask the candidates to express clearly that they are against changing Evanston's unique character. And, then we should elect to the council only those individuals who are committed to preserving our city's character. Our opinions have been ignored, so now let's use our votes to let them know what we think. Come to Evanston’s aid and vote in April to keep our city progressive, low-scale, and unique!

Peter Sanchez

2228 Pioneer Road