Township Assessor - Law Suit/Benjamin

As you know I have had a lot of bad PR due to the various law suits.  One was dismissed over 10 years ago and one was settled.  There are explanations to all but unfortunately, politics does not let you explain your side.
The one currently pending is a result of a budget cut with a motion made by Ald. Rainey and seconded by Ald. Bernstein the two same alderman who have continually tried to abolish by office at Main and Dodge.
With the proposed budget cuts with the Assessor's Office at the County level, I will have to request more staff since one person can not handle the work involved and my position pays $100 per week.
I am very upset with the various news papers; Evanston Roundtable and Evanston Review for not printing my side.
The defamation charge that the suit alleges names two of my best friends of over 20 years who have been interviewed and claim there is no substance.  The third is my Deputy Assessor who likewise has told them there is no substance. 
The other two mentioned are related to the Assessor's Office and will be stating the same.
I am proposing that when this is settled to have the opposition pay the City back for all of my legal fees since I feel this is a direct result of "political motivation" to stop me from running and slate a "machine" candidate.
We have not received any complaints concerning the Assessor's Office so that "machine" can only dig up old dirt that truly has no substance.
My attorney says, "It just takes time for the judicial system to work"  . . . be patient.
My feeling is that the law suit was filed almost one year ago and put in place specifically to be used during the election.
I would hope that if anyone has a question, please let me know and I would be willing to share the names of those involved who will substantiate what I have said.
It is sad when "dirty politics" is used.

Last night Assessor Eckersall addressed the City Council regarding the closing of the satellite Assessor's offices.The time frame is year end.
I also addressed the Benjamin Lawsuit and produced one signed affidavit from one of the parties involved stating that everything was false accusations.  Also, my Deputy Assessor Darnell Jefferson stated that the allegations were false.
I have offered to produce two more affidavits that will also state the same information that the defamation charge is
a lie.  When this lawsuit is dismissed, I intend to try and recoup the money from Ms. Benjamin so that the legal fees will be reimbursed to the City.
Again, I truly believe this suit was filed last summer to produce "hype" for the election and cloud the real issues....experience and qualifications.
There is no substance to  this lawsuit.