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The Closing Argument

After speaking in several forums, filling out multiple questionnaires, and writing a series of blogs, I hope you, the voters, have a good idea of what I would bring and what I would be like as your alderman.

HowTo: broaden the appeal of the branch libraries

Lost in the conversation about support for the branch libraries was the premise of my answer to the CSNA forum question and also at the LWVE forum. I said the appeal of the branch libraries needs to be broadened beyond families with small children or people within walking distance so that the branches have more support among all the people of Evanston. With more general support, they would become less of a budgetary football.

John Zbesko: The question of separate taxing bodies

At this late stage in the campaign for 7th ward alderman, several issues have arisen that truly allow the voters to draw distinctions between the candidates. However, on the issue of a separate taxing district for the library system, I'm not quite sure what my opponent, Jane Grover, thinks.

Differences between 7th Ward Candidates

Over the course of this campaign, I have endeavored to articulate my positions and explain my reasoning process. I have spoken at City Council meetings, written blogs and responded to others'. My opponents in the 7th Ward aldermanic race have not been as prolific, but with several forums and multiple questionnaires from various community groups, differences in positions and opinion are beginning to emerge.

Towards a Greener Evanston

Opening statement to a forum sponsored by Citizens for a Greener Evanston and the Evanston Public Library:
I want to especially thank Citizens for a Greener Evanston for sponsoring tonight's forum because it gives us a chance to talk about something else besides budgets and zoning, positions and policy.

I'm eager to answer your questions about environmental issues and Evanston.


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