The City Should Respect and Follow the Central Street Master Plan

... "The best way for the City to honor the enormous and successful effort of all those who contributed to the heralded Central Street Master Plan is to give its ideas a chance to work." ...

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The City Should Respect and Follow the Central Street Master Plan
A Guest Essay By John Walsh, Evanston RoundTable, 9/10/2014

2014 Evanston Green Living Festival will showcase City's Livability Plan

The 2014 Evanston Green Living Festival is shining a spotlight on a hot local issue: The City's push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become the most livable community in the nation. 

The eighth annual festival, with a theme of "Healthy Citizens, Healthy Environment," is co-presented by the Evanston Environmental Association (EEA) and the City of Evanston:


BBQ - Grill Off Sat., Aug. 30 To Support Evanston's First Responders

Great Grill Off - Evanston's firefighters v. police - Support our 1st responders, have fun, and get a Great Meal for $6.00 (two burgers!) and vote for your favorite!

Today, Sat. Aug. 30 from 4-6 p.m. at Whole Foods (rooftop!) on Chicago Avenue in downtown Evanston.

Whole Food will provide a VEGGIE OPTION !!!  

We invite all our friends and family to join in.

Update - Planning Commission to Table Item Tonight

John Walsh spoke with Alderman Jane Grover this afternoon.  It was agreed that the Plan Commission would be asked to table the item proposing  text amendment changes to the Central Street Overlay District code (TEXT AMENDMENT TO THE ZONING ORDINANCE 14PLND-0102 Section 6-15-14-10 Site Development Allowances in oCSC).

Plans are to have a meeting that will include CSNA, Alderman Grover, city staff and the developer.  It was agreed that the Plan Commission would not consider this item until after a meeting is held.


Message from John & Dia Walsh (John is CSNA President)

Sorry for the late notice, but this information is important.

Join your neighbors of the Central Street Neighbors Association in appearing before the Plan Commission on Wednesday evening, August 13, at 7pm at the Lorraine Morton Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Avenue.

The Plan Commission is set to consider a City staff proposal that would strip from the Zoning Ordinance a protection enacted in 2007 to ensure neighborhood integrity and quality of life in the face of real estate development in the Central Street neighborhood.



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