708 Church Street Tower - Feb. 19 New Proposal

Only ten days after the City Council--rejecting the 5-3 vote of the Plan Commission--voted to allow a maximum height in the Central Core/Fountain Square Block of 35 stories, the Klutznick/Fisher development team has present a revised proposal for a 35 story Tower at 708 Church Street.
The only "public benefits" described in the 17-page proposal are:
   1.  Commitment to LEED silver certification;
   2.  An affordable housing contribution
        (mandated by ordinance) of $880,000;
   3.  Real estate tax and TIF revenues;  and
   4.  A commitment to providing $1.0 million
        dollars for the redesign and renovation of
        Fountain Square Plaza.
The developers have withdrawn their request for TIF funds for the acqusition and renovation of the Hahn Building.
 The City does not plan to make this proposal publicly available under Monday, Feb. 23.  As of this posting, I understand that Ald. Moran is trying to arrange a special P&D meeting for Thursday, Feb. 26 to "un-table" the 708 Church Street proposal.  Many are opposing the holding of such a meeting on such short notice, with the public having been provided no opportunity to view the new proposal. 
 Several residents have been able to obtain copies of the new proposal and they are available for circulation and copying this weekend. 
 --Barb Rakley


I have not been following the tower issue closely, since I know many others who are well qualified and  very concerned with the issue have been very involved.
It does appear the council has again been communicating with one another behind close doors.
What this does in my mind is undermine the public trust, in a fair and open process of government in this town.
It also reflects very poorly on the current elected officials, and why none of them should be reelected.
One citizen recently at the council stated he has been speaking with the state attonery's office on the matter of development issues here. Unforunately when citizens are being forced to bring outsiders to keep our elected officials under control we have a problem.
I to could file a complain about the illegal water plant tour, but all it does is generate a letter from the state, telling them to follow the law, so they will just continue to not follow the open meeting act.