Evanston Aldermanic Forum Tuesday, Feb. 24

The Central Street Neighbors Association aldermanic forum for 6th Ward and 7th Ward candidates is Tuesday, 7 pm, in the auditorium at Haven Middle School, 2417 Prairie. After brief opening statements, candidates will have opportunity to field a number of questions extemporaneously on topics submitted by the CSNA Board and members. At the end of the meeting, CSNA members who joined prior to the last Board meeting (Feb. 17) or who bring their lapsed membership current will be asked for input on the candidates.
The candidates all have CSNA questionnaires on topics ranging from City spending to downtown development, and their answers will be distributed at the meeting. All 3 candidates for the 6th Ward (Mark Sloane, Mark Tendam, and Chrstopher Hart) and all three for the 7th Ward (John Zbesko, Jane Grover, and Kevin O'Connor) plan to attend.