Big Enchilada Evanston Election Contest!

     A candidate for mayor referred to another website owner as "Evanston's premier politico" and said "there is no one who knows more about Evanston politics." Rather than sulking at the snub, or arguing, I'm holding a contest.
     Click here to enter your predictions on the mayoral, aldermanic, and assessor races. You don't need to be a CSNA member or a user of this website to enter. This is not a poll of who you want to win, but your best educated (or uneducated) guess.
      Rules: You must be a real person, only enter once, and leave a working e-mail. Overall Winner, Best Mayoral Race Prediction, and Best Aldermanic Races Prediction will all receive mention on the CSNA website. In case of tie on mayoral race, turnout prediction will be tie-breaker. All entrants will be invited to a post-election, post-contest celebration and municipal reconciliation party in April, at an Evanston Mexican restaurant to be named later. The Overall Winner will get bragging rights as Big Enchilada and Local Political Guru (good until next election)!
     Contest will close 5 pm Monday, April 6. To comply with Illinois gambling law, there is no cost to enter and nothing of value is being offered in this contest. This is for grins only. Potential dinner party is at guests' own expense.
Click Here to enter your predictions!